The Firm has been offering legal services to the leading banks in Lebanon. These services cover all aspects of banking activities, including credit facility agreements, syndicated loans, consumer loans, letters of credit, letters of guarantee, fiduciary agreements, escrow agreements, corporate guarantees, securities, investments, regulatory matters …..

The Firm has also organized transactions involving multiple facilities, currencies and jurisdictions, the issuance of publicly offered or privately placed senior or subordinated debts and the refinancing of existing debts.

More particularly, The Firm has achieved most of the banks mergers that happened in Lebanon during the last twenty years, has represented banks in their relations with the regulators and third parties. It has also acted as legal counsel for the issuance by banks of all kinds of financial products.

Last but not least, The Firm has been offering to the banks in Lebanon for more than twenty years, opinions on all aspects of banking Law. These opinions have been lately gathered by the Lebanese Banks Association in two manuals that serve as reference in banking Law.

We have a leading capital markets practice, acting for issuers and financial institutions.

Our practice deals with the regulatory aspects of financing, including the supervision of banks, insurance companies, investment vehicles and funds, investment firms and other financial enterprises.
We advise on the regulatory aspects involved with the offering of new financial products and financial services. We assist clients with litigation where financial institutions or financial regulations are involved and in stock exchange-related work.
We have participated to the elaboration of a Bill aiming the reorganize the capital markets in Lebanon, which is still under discussion at the ministry of finance.

The Firm has provided to major local and international companies legal services in relation to a wide variety of commercial contracts (distribution, agency and franchising, Manufacturing contracts, sale and purchase agreements and general terms and conditions…), product liability, construction and engineering (tenders, contracting, architect project manager, agreements, including in compliance with FIDIC …).

The main areas of focus within commercial Law are:
• Commercial contracts
• Product liability and recall
• Distribution, agency and franchising
• Construction and engineering

The Firm has and is still representing giant international companies in this field before Lebanese courts and in local arbitration.

Having participated in most of the largest mergers and acquisitions that have taken place in Lebanon, whether for banks or important companies, advising sellers or buyers or financial institutions, The Firm has an unrivalled expertise and acknowledged experience in that field. Our lawyers have assisted the clients throughout the negotiations and handled the drafting of the relevant agreements, the contacts with the regulator and other concerned authorities including for the resolution of employees related issues.
On another hand, The Firm is one of the very few Law firms in Lebanon that have participated in a privatization process through its different stages and has continued to provide legal advice to an awarded company subsequent to the award of the license.

Our corporate restructuring practice serves corporations and their principal stakeholders by providing legal services in restructurings, both out of court and in court. The team handles both transactional and litigation restructuring and related matters. We have been involved in most of the recent restructurings that have occurred in Lebanon, acting for companies, investors, debtors, and (court appointed) administrators and liquidators. We strive to find pragmatic solutions for often legally complicated matters.

Our Employment Law practice covers the full spectrum of employment issues that employers may have to deal with in their relationships with employees. Our key areas of advice are employment tax, employment Law, social insurances, pensions and expat activities. We advise and represent mainly large and medium-sized companies, offering them the most innovative and practical solutions. We also assist companies and their management in dismissals/redundancies.

Besides providing such advice, our attorneys litigate in all employment courts, if the need arises, and support parties in proceedings before the competent court.

Our practice in that field covers not only the classic issues arising from the application of civil inheritance Law and the preparation and enforcement of wills, but also extends to the provision of innovative structures aiming to the protection of the client’s interests and the satisfaction of his needs and requests.

The Firm represents several insurance companies and intermediaries and has been involved in the creation and/or adjustment of insurance products, the delivery of advice and the defense of clients’ interests in insurance related litigation.

The Firm advises on all aspects of intellectual property rights such as:
• Trademarks
• Copyrights
• Trade names
• Models and design
• Know-how
• Patents and Licenses

We provide registration services and ensure the negotiation and drafting documentation for intellectual property transactions.

In intellectual property disputes we also assist our clients in litigation before the courts and in arbitration.

The Firm has a long-standing tradition of litigation in our areas of practice. Our clients are banks, international and local banks, financial institutions, companies and individuals.

The Firm is also very experienced in local and international arbitration. Our team assists the clients at all stages of the arbitral process, including the drafting of arbitration agreements, the conduct of pre-litigation negotiations and the design of litigation strategies, the representation and advocating during the arbitral procedure, the use of domestic courts to assist the arbitral process, seek interim relief and enforce the arbitral awards.

Some of our lawyers are frequently appointed as arbitrators.

The Firm has been a pioneer in advising private equity companies at the different stages of growth. Its services cover the legal structuring of the venture capital vehicles (prospectus, incorporation, shareholders’ agreement…) as well as their investment and divestment activities. The Firm has developed original mechanisms to adjust customary international requirements to comply with Lebanese law, protect the venture capital companies’ interests and facilitate their exit. The Firm currently represents major venture capital companies in Lebanon.

The Firm has acknowledged experience in the real estate field. Our lawyers carry out all the necessary legal due diligence work. They draft and negotiate agreements and incidental documentation after having studied and advised the clients regarding their assessment of the risks and legal stakes.

As mentioned above, The Firm assists clients in all aspects of the construction activity (tenders, contracting, architect project manager, agreements …) and have handled all aspects of these transactions for giant companies in Lebanon and abroad.

The Firm has assisted clients in setting up the appropriate structures aiming to the reduction of tax costs and the development of tax-efficient investment and operating structures.

Our lawyers also represented clients in tax litigation, in obtaining rulings both from competent tax authorities and from the courts.