The Law firm founded in 1963 by Late Khalyl Abouhamad, former Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, was transformed into a partnership when Antoine Merheb joined in 1977, knowing that Khalyl Abouhamad took over the Law practice of Jacques Chedid who was himself the successor of Jean Jalkh, successor of Massoud Massoud, one of the first Lebanese lawyers admitted to the Beirut Bar at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The Firm currently named "Abouhamad, Merheb, Chamoun, Chedid " (AMNCC) continues the tradition with the clients who, from generation to generation, have entrusted its famous predecessors with the protection of their interests as well as with the clients who have joined it more recently.

AMNCC comprises today sixteen lawyers, including partners, permanent consultant, senior advisor and associates in addition to a staff of 8 Para- legal employees.

Most of AMNCC members are trilingual (Arabic, French, English) and all are bilingual (Arabic, French). Many hold superior degrees of specialization in Private Law or international Law. Some members of the firm are lecturers (Business Law) at Saint Joseph University. (for details about the members of the firm please refer to Lawyers).

AMNCC is specialized in Lebanese and International Business Law, and provides services that can be regrouped, for ease of reference, under the following headings:
Banking and Finance, Capital Market, Commercial Law, Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions (including through privatization), Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency, Employment Law, Inheritance, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Litigation and Arbitration, Real Estate, Tax Law (for details, please refer to Practice Areas ).

AMNCC has for many years been one of the leading Law firms in Lebanon, serving most of the largest banks and companies operating therein as well worldwide reputed banks, companies and institutions who had to deal with issues relating to Lebanese Law. It has participated in major business transactions and achieved most of the banks mergers which have occurred in the last twenty years. AMNCC has been and still being involved in the preparation of many Bills.

AMNCC comprises today sixteen lawyers, including partners and associates and a staff of 8 Para- legal employees.

The Firm is able to provide to its clients a legal protection in most of the countries in the world and in fields of Law which it does not cover.